Monday, December 2, 2013

Baby Roid Rage

We spent last week in Chicago, as has become our Thanksgiving tradition.  We love it! The week is filled with family, laughter, games, cookies, food, and hugs.  Unfortunately, this year, Matthew added ER to that list.  He came down with a bad case of croup on Thanksgiving night.  He struggled to breathe in and out.  Not good. 

First we tried the steamy bathroom with no luck.  Then we tried the freezing cold, which was easy since it was about 20 degrees outside, also with no luck.  So, Darren and Mattie ventured to the local emergency room.  When they got there, Matthew sounded a lot better but they went in anyway because history said it would be unwise if not. The ER doc gave Matthew a dose of steroids and a prescription for them as well. 

Friday, Matthew was fine, but then struggled with breathing again on Friday night. Darren took him for a car ride which seemed to help. Thankfully that was the last incident of the breathing issue, though he still sounds a bit croupy when he coughs.

Now, with many doses of steroids in his system, Matthew is a nightmare.  He has no coping mechanism and nothing makes him happy right now.  For example, on the way home, I asked if he wanted his window down (because it is 75 degrees right now!).  He said yes, so I lowered it.  He screamed at me.  I thought that meant he didn't want it lowered, so I raised it, and he screamed louder. He screamed until we got home, where he hit me as I tried to unbuckle his car seat.  Baby roid rage is UGLY!

My day with Matthew has been filled with him screaming, crying, and hitting.  I was half expecting a call from school to come get him, but no call and when I picked him up, they seemed surprised and said he was fine all day.  Not sure how he pulled it together for them, but I am glad he did.  I wouldn't wish this on his sweet teachers!

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