Monday, December 30, 2013

Broke the Streak

After 8 and a half months, we went to the pediatrician today.  Matthew's been fighting something for a few weeks now, but it moved into his eyes this weekend and today he just looked bad. 

I debated about taking him to a clinic (Redi or Minute or other) instead of the pediatrician, knowing that this is just an ear/eye infection, but figured that there would be a line of flu infected persons waiting at the clinic.  Texas is a hot zone for flu right now.  It was a good call, as we got a prompt appointment with our new pediatrician, with no one in the waiting room and now we are set up as patients!  It was just in time too since Matthew's eardrum ruptured this morning and he started leaking yucky stuff from his ear too.  Rx for antibiotics and eye drops will hopefully fix him up!

8 and a half months-- I cannot believe that streak!  It's not to say that Matthew's been healthy the entire time, but he's been mostly hearty and able to fight off everything that came his way, save the trip to the ER over Thanksgiving for croup.  Amazing!

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