Tuesday, December 24, 2013

7 Days with Mickey

Last week, we went on a Disney cruise.  It was fantastic! 

We watched movies, swam on the ship, enjoyed a trolley ride through Key West, played on the beach at Disney's private island, spied fish through a glass bottom boat in Nassau, ate and ate some more, danced with the characters, read a little, napped some, partied with pirates, enjoyed the fireworks in the middle of the Gulf of Mexico, and gazed out at the beautiful blue water.  It was the perfect vacation for our family, as we are now. 

With a 3 year old, though, there is still an element of 'vacation = kid care on the road' or boat, as it were.  There is great irony in the fact that when it becomes easier for the parents, it is less 'magical' for the kids.  Seeing Matthew LIGHT UP when he saw Mickey Mouse made it worth the extra effort it took with him.

We had so many bright, shiny memories. 

Outside our room.

Lots of face time with the characters!

Nothing but blue sea.

Shiner on tap- Darren was a happy guy.

Disney's private island was 'awesome' to quote the kids.

Pirate night was a highlight.

We had a couple of dance parties with the characters.

Matt spotted the 'boss' after dinner.

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