Sunday, February 9, 2014

Something Better

A few months ago, Matthew lost my wedding band. (Yes, he is good at losing things.  We never found the car keys he lost!) He was in the habit of grabbing my ring from my nightstand every morning and putting it on his finger.  One morning, I didn't get it back quickly enough and it was gone.  I searched through the bedroom and after it didn't turn up there, I had hoped it would turn up when the cleaners came.  No such luck.  So, after several months with no ring, I started contemplating buying a new band, a little sad that it wouldn't be the band we used to exchange vows. 

I didn't buy a new band because something better came along.  I now wear my grandmother's and my mother's bands.  Though they aren't my band, I love to look down and see the wedding bands that represent 116 years of successful marriage (and still counting).  116 years! 

I've often heard that you have to let go of the old to let something better come in.  I guess in this case, Matthew helped me with that!

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