Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Sweet Routine

Oh, sweet routine.  After last week's 5 hours of school, Alyssa got sick over the weekend with a random fever which continued on and kept her out of school on Monday and Tuesday.  After not seeing the pediatrician for months, we are seeing quite a bit of her recently.   Thankfully, no flu or strep and the fever finally broke by Tuesday morning.

At the pediatricians office
Also on Tuesday morning, we had yet another delayed start due to freezing precipitation.  Though I enjoy the relaxed morning routine, it makes the kiddos a bit crazy.  Yesterday, Matthew and Jackson got into a tussle where both ended up in time out and Jackson ended up with a big bruise on his face, all before 9am.  Not a good morning for the Hoy boys.  After the time outs were served and the tears dried, thankfully they got off to school without a hitch.

Hopefully starting today we'll be back in to regular routine! 

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