Sunday, December 23, 2012

Happy Angels' Day

Last Sunday (12/16) would have been our cousin Jenn's 40th birthday. 

This was quintessential Jenn, holding a baby with camera in hand.
Alyssa (9 mo in the photo) was her baby girl whenever we were in Chicago.
She is missed every single day.  This year, for Angels' day to celebrate her birthday, we were planning to go to the zoo lights at the Houston zoo, which is similar to the Christmas event Jenn loved at the zoo near her.  Unfortunately, Jackson came down with a flu the weekend of her birthday, so we postponed our celebration until last night.  We had a wonderful night, walking amongst the lights, looking at the giraffe and lions, and being reminded of our beautiful, loving cousin. 

Jenn was 37 when she passed 3 years ago, leaving behind a husband, 2 young boys, family and friends that miss her terribly.  Please remember that the symptoms of ovarian cancer whisper and there is no standard screening test for it.  For the women in our life, the best course of action is to know your body and go see your ob/gyn when anything seems a miss.  For the men, please encourage the women you love to follow through to get checked.

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