Saturday, December 22, 2012

Happy Winter Break

This semester was exceptionally rough for me.  I suspect it is because I took a gamble this summer by not preparing for the class I thought wouldn't make, and I lost.  It made, and I had to play catch up all semester long.  I could never get ahead of the prep and grading.  Even with that though, it was a great semester.  Though tiring & sometimes frustrating, I LOVE teaching.  And I learned my lesson, I am not gambling this winter break.  I am prepping for next semester through all of the craziness of the holidays.

The kids are out of school and are excited that they won't be back in school for almost 3 weeks.  We have something planned every day of the break, and it should be great fun! Today, Alyssa went with Grandma Joy to see the play Peter Pan and Jackson went with Darren to see Rise of the Guardians on what Jackson calls "Jackson Fun Day".  Fun today, and we are all looking forward to the upcoming days! 
Just Alyssa and Mommy at lunch, celebrating the last day.

Jackson with his classmates at their class party on Friday.
His teacher's comment: 
"I am having a blast! Donuts.....sugarcone Christmas trees....and candy....lots of candy!"

Playing alligator with Daddy on our first afternoon off.

Alyssa and Grandma Joy on their way to see Peter Pan.

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