Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Peaks and Valleys

Lately, our weather in Houston has been one extreme to the other.  The first weeks of December were unseasonably warm (80* plus), and today we had the coldest morning we've had since February (27*).  Then, it is supposed to warm up again this weekend before a cool front comes through for somewhat moderate temperatures for hopefully a week.  

Peaks and Valleys.  Reminds me of Matthew's communication.  Since he said 'mama', we've heard it only a handful of times.  Very, very inconsistent.  No new words.  Some days he'll be very talkative, with lots of babble.  Others, he will barely make a sound. 

I was hoping that he would have a language explosion after his first word, like when he took his first steps.  His gross motor has been like stair steps.  He'll make a leap (or step, run, jump, scoot), then plateau for a bit where he practices his new skill, then make another jump.  I was hoping for that same pattern for his verbal skills--a word or two, then time to practice, then more words.  Instead, he said a word, and then back to nothing, then a sound, then back to nothing, then the word again, then a sound, then back to nothing.  It is like a graphic of a heart beating, or the Houston weather.  Peaks and valleys.

We are increasingly frustrated, and concerned.  

Alyssa and Matthew bundled up for our morning bike ride to school.

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