Wednesday, March 27, 2013

ENT and GI Follow Ups

It has seemingly been a while since we've visited a medical specialist.  Matthew has had 2 in the last week. 

Outside TCH- West Campus.
Last Wednesday, we visited the ENT.  The pediatrician was concerned that Matthew still had a tube in place from Jan of 2011.  Ear tubes should not be in for more than 2 years because they can leave a permanent hole in the eardrum and cause hearing problems, which we definitely can't risk.  Unfortunately, we had a 2 hour wait for the doctor. Through that wait, the kids did great and I stayed calm because (a) this doctor built up an amazing amount of goodwill by seeing Matthew first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening every day he was in the hospital for croup in April of 2011 and (b) I saw another mom wig out about the wait and I didn't want that to be me.  After the 2 hour wait, which I'm sure the doctor wasn't happy about either, he looked in Matthew's ear to find that tube had just fallen out.  I guess that was much better than having to hold him down while the doctor pulled the tube out!  Now we just wait and see if the ear infections return.

I am still amazed how amazing the kids did during the 2 hour wait!
Yesterday, we had a check up with the GI.  We've been concerned lately that Matthew's gastroperisis is back (slow to empty stomach) as he's been throwing up periodically, and we are finding undigested food that we shouldn't be seeing (stuff he had eaten 12+ hours ago).  The doctor agreed that Matthew's gastroperisis has likely returned, and will likely return anytime that Matthew fights a virus or stomach bug.  The good news is that it hasn't seemed to be restricting his weight, as he's gained 2 pounds since September, and he's even on the growth charts now, albeit in the 3rd percentile!  More good news is that right now, we don't have to treat the gastroperisis with meds.  If it gets worse, we'll reassess, but right now, all is good!

This is how Matthew entertained himself while waiting for the GI.

It feels amazing to be at appointments with this little, active boy which at one time was a fragile, sick baby.  Just amazing!

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