Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sweet Compliment

At the park on Friday, Matthew received a compliment that made me warm and fuzzy all over.  The kids were on their scooters, just riding up and down the path, when another mom at the park remarked "Your little one is amazing on the scooter.  I can't believe how well he rides." 

Besides this being a very nice compliment, it was made even better because she had no idea that Matthew was unique (at that time, though I'm sure she realized it a bit later).  She thought he was a typical, just now, 3 year old.  She didn't think he was great on the scooter... for a kid who just learned to walk a year ago or for a kid who had 6 surgeries in his 16 months of life or for a kid with special needs.  She was just amazed that this little boy could ride his scooter so well.  Her compliment made my day!

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