Tuesday, March 19, 2013

First Post-ECI Therapy Day

We formulated a plan for Matthew post-ECI, and today, that plan came to fruition.  We decided upon speech only through the school system for now for a multitude of reasons.  This morning was his first speech therapy appointment at the big school-- the same school that Alyssa attends! 

After speech therapy at big school, we rushed over for a private speech therapy appointment.  This was our first appointment with the private therapist, and she was encouraged by Matthew's receptive language (which is on par for his chronological age), his signing and even his verbalization.  He is using much more intonation in his vocalizations, using them much more frequently, and has some good word approximations (for hi, bye, and new today, ready!).  She seemed pleased and I'm hopeful the heavy concentration on his verbal skills helps him make the leap to 'talker'.

After a short break after the morning of speech therapy, Matthew spent an hour in private occupational therapy, working on spoon feeding, drawing, and the like.  Whew, he worked hard today! 

Matthew's first appointment at big school!
Although he usually seems so big to me, he looked tiny in that environment.

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