Friday, March 15, 2013

Happy Spring Break

We have celebrated this week of spring break in Austin.  It was a great reminder of how much I am looking forward to us being all together full time again.  As well, it was nice to find out that we don't need a house full of stuff to have a great time.  Darren's apartment in Austin is a bit sparse, outfitted with extras from our house that you don't even notice are missing, but that hasn't impeded our fun in the least!

We played some Wii.

We watched some tv (especially when Matthew battled a very brief stomach bug).

We ate out a few times.

We celebrated Darren's birthday.

We ate in a few times.

We built with Legos.

We enjoyed the Austin Livestock Show and Fair.

We played with everyday items that give us great joy.

We enjoyed watching the dogs at Petsmart.  

And we went on a 'parkapoloza', visiting 5 parks in 5 days. 

We had a ton of fun!  With a bit of sadness, we leave our spring break getaway, and head back to Houston so that we can continue to organize and purge our house to get it ready to sell this Spring.  Definitely not near as much fun!

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