Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Getting Sad

Months ago, when I had the heart to heart about moving to Austin with my beloved, I noted 4 things that I would be sad about-- 1.  My job (which I covered in a previous post)  2.  Alyssa's friends 3.  Being geographically close to our parents and 4. My local grocery store (I know it seems silly but I have great affection for my grocery store). 

Maybe I was in denial, but I did not list my friends. Not because I wouldn't miss them, but because I rationalize that I am an adult with means to keep in contact with my friends (email, facebook, telephone, heck- even the car and a driver's license).  I know that friendship is not geographically dependent! 

Even knowing that, this week I've started to get sad about leaving my Houston based friends.  I will miss being a few minutes away, being able to run into them on the way to school, or at the grocery store I will miss.  I know that even though we have the adult means to keep in contact, it will take effort and sometimes our adult lives and responsibilities will get in the way.  It won't be the same.

It didn't sink in until now.  Just this week I have started to realize that our time here in Houston is coming to a close.  Since February, I have said "oh, we are here till the end of the school year" and that felt like forever away.  And every day (sometimes every hour) since February, we have been head down just getting to the next day (or next hour).  There hasn't been much time to look up and look forward.  But now, the kids activities have slowed, the house has sold, my semester is done, and the end of the year activities are scattered on the calendar.  I look up and see that we are just a few weeks away from our move.  Though we are excited about what is on the other side, we will miss what we are leaving. 

So, to my Houston friends, I will greatly miss you in the every day but I am thankful our friendships aren't tied to a location.  Email, call, facebook, come see us and I'll do the same!

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