Thursday, May 30, 2013

I've Never Peeled a Carrot

When Alyssa was about 2, she was sitting in the backseat of the mustang, and told us "I've never peeled a carrot before."  Totally random.  That is what we say when we encounter total randomness. 

-For the last 6+ months, Jackson has pretended he has had a 'lab' where his 'helpers' control the weather.  To call the lab, he pushes on a wart on his wrist (that refuses to go away).  When the weather is good, he tells me that his helpers did it.  When the weather is bad, he tells me they must have been off on vacation. 

-Ah, to be young.  I went to lunch with Alyssa the other day at school and was going over our to-dos later that afternoon.  I told her we needed to fold laundry and sort socks, and she was excited.  Truly excited.   I wish I had that excitement for the task!

-Last Friday night, the kids and I spent our evening at Costco--enjoyed some books and dinner for 3 kids under $5.  Night out on the town, I tell you!

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