Thursday, May 16, 2013

Names of Future Grandchildren

The kids and I were listening to the radio on the way home from picking up Jackson. The DJ was discussing the newly released top 10 baby names of 2012 list and asking kids to call in with the story of their names and when they grow up, what they would name their children.  We went around the car, discussing the story of their names, and then I posed the same question-- what would you name your children one day? 

Alyssa has decided my grandchildren will be Emily and Matthew.  When I asked her why she chose those names, she responded "There aren't many E names (hence Emily) and I always want to think about Matthew (hence Matthew)".  

Aly and Mattie May 2013.
Everyone should be loved like Matthew is loved by Alyssa.  She has loved him beyond measure since the first moment she saw him.  That love has never wavered.  He is a lucky boy to have her as a sister. 

That first day.
Making sure it wasn't too mushy of a car ride, Jackson piped up with the names for my other set of grandchildren-- Jack and One "like the number". I doubt that One (the number) will pass muster with my future daughter in law, but you never know! 

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