Wednesday, January 8, 2014


If I could will Matthew to talk, I would. I can't and he doesn't really, but just because he doesn't say much does not mean he doesn't have a lot to say!! 

Yesterday, I sat in our home office, stared at the computer, and cried.  I spent 3+ hours falling down a bunny hole-- looking for options to help Matthew communicate. I searched on Google, posted on Facebook, looked on Pinterest, read blogs, and wept a little more.   I read about communication boards, picture exchange, augmentative and alternative communication applications, sign language, and so on. I just don't know the best way to help him! 

He understands so much.  I zoned out taking him to school the other day and passed the street for the school.  I told him that I needed to turn around since I passed the street to the school and he laughed.  I wasn't laughing but he was.  He understood!!  He understood it was funny to pass the street to school! 

Every night at dinner prayer, we ask if the kids have anything they'd like to add. Matthew always raises his hand, but we never understand what he says.  Lately all he does is smile and laugh.  I think he is picking up that we just don't understand.  At dinner, the kids answer questions about the school day.  We never know what Matthew's day was like, outside of the few words written on a form by his teachers.  Thinking about it, I get a lump in my throat.  I wish that he could just tell us.

So, that is why I scour the web, looking for anything and everything that might help him, help us know him, help us help him.  We pray we find the right answer, soon.

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  1. I know how hard this is. Elizabeth wasn't talking at 3 1/2, I didn't have any idea whether she would or not. By 5 when she started Kindergarten, you would have had no idea that she was behind. I know that Matthew's problems are very different than Elizabeth, but the amazement and wonder that we have these special children means they can do anything. It is definately an unpaved road these two travel on. I am excited to say with Elizabeth we are now working on her writing skills. Yes she is behind but she is learning. Matthew is on his own schedule and we can only continue to pray for how to help these special angels.