Tuesday, January 7, 2014

The Game

Most days, I think the kids are trying to win a game called "who can drive Mom batty the fastest?".  It really is an interesting game if you look at it impartially because there are really no rules or boundaries, and the game is greatly enhanced by the originality and creativity of the participants.

They are pretty divided on who wins, though Matthew probably has a slight lead due to his 3 year old temperament.  Some days I'm the winner because I stay perfectly sane and in control.   That wasn't today.  Alyssa won-- in less than 30 minutes after waking, for her grumpy diatribe and antics, going on about not wanting to eat breakfast.  It was pretty spectacular. 

Thankfully, she was better before being dropped off at school, but I was left hours later wondering 'what in the world?!?'. 

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