Tuesday, January 28, 2014

"Ice" Day

So, with two sequential posts about the kids being out of school for snow and ice, you'd think we just had a cold snap and a long period of being indoors.  Not really.  Friday was a snow day.  Surprisingly, the snow and ice actually stuck around until Saturday morning though!  Saturday warmed up. Sunday was over 70 degrees, which was perfect for Alyssa's girl scout hike.  Monday got colder and this morning, ice. 

I had mentally prepared myself for the kids to be off school today when I saw the forecast over the weekend.  But, I checked at 5am this morning and the school district still said school as usual.  I watched the weather and news at 6am, which was reporting ice and hazardous road conditions, but school district still said school as usual.  I woke the kids at 6:30 am and moved them through our morning routine to head out the door between 7:10-7:15.  At 7:02, the news broke that school would be delayed.  I was annoyed, as when I originally envisioned the delay or day off, I imagined Hoy children snuggled in the bed watching tv this morning.  Instead, everyone was up and ready, with shoes on and all! 

So, they ate and watched some tv and just as I was thinking I needed to start to prepare them for the shortened school day, the call came that school was canceled.  I understand the school district's reluctance to make the call, but this seemingly just-in-time decision making drives me a little batty.  I am a planner! 

Anyway, this is the kind of day I wished Matthew would mindlessly watch hours and hours of tv or read books.  Alyssa and Jackson are perfectly content, but Matthew's been a little crazy today.  I debated letting him ride his tricycle in the house, but that seems like a bad precedence. We will have to figure out something else for him to do. And hopefully this will be the last bad weather day for the year!

No joke- ice!

The kids watching some TV. 

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