Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Usually I go grocery shopping by myself or with a kid or two.  Monday, I took the 3 kids to the grocery store for the first time since this summer, and I was shocked at how much better it seemed.  Well, what I really thought was "this didn't suck", which loosely translated means "it seems better than before".

Living with Matthew is like playing Charades all of the time, or a similar type game.  Words, plus word approximations, plus signs, plus gestures equals a Matthew want or need.  Sometimes we figure it out and win, others we don't and all lose.

Why does the boys' bedroom smell like feet?  Aren't they too young to stink?

The other day, Alyssa didn't want to finish the sandwich she had made herself for lunch.  She tried to wait us out, but after what felt like a very long time, she acquiesced and ate it. At that moment, about 3 hours away from here, I'm sure my parents smiled without even knowing why.  What comes around does go around.

The kids playing school in the backyard, with the fence serving as the chalkboard.
For a moment I paused wondering if the chalk would mess up the stain,
but then I remembered they are only young once and it is just a fence.

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