Monday, January 13, 2014

Simultaneous Emotions

One of the most awing things about being Matthew's mom is that I can be simultaneously frustrated with him (like when he threw a hissy fit this morning), confused by him (because he wanted to take Jackson's poster to therapy--why?!?), proud of him (even his therapist mentioned his increasing attention span today), concerned for him (please talk), thankful for him (more on that below), and totally in love with him (how could I not be?). 

Today, Matthew wore this shirt for the first time. It has to be my all time favorite shirt. (In case you can't read it, it says "Gimme a High Four" with Mickey Mouse's 4 fingered hand on it.)  A friend of a friend bought it for Matthew years ago on their trip to Disney World (Thank you, Charlotte!).  Now, he is big enough to wear it. I look at him in that shirt and marvel.  He is big enough and old enough to wear that shirt that seemed so huge and I feared possibly improbable that he would ever be old enough to fit in it.  And here he is in it! (This is the 'thankful' part of the simultaneous emotions.)

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