Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Hopefully Paranoid Mom

Just as I posted that life feels 'normal', Matthew reminded me that I should not become too complacent. 

This past Saturday, Matthew got into a bottle of fiber chews and helped himself to some. A few hours after that, they worked their way through his system.  Ah, not fun, but not a big deal.

Then yesterday, he had some digestive issues again. I figured it was just a follow up to Saturday. 

Then today, he's been very unMatthew like. I attributed it to possible dehydration given the issues of the past few days. He hasn't a fever or other symptoms.

But when Matthew remained unMatthew like, I started to get worried-- this feels a lot like what happened April 2013 when he had the bowel obstruction. 

His bowels have slowed lately, but I've attributed that to the potty training. Now, I am paranoid. What if this is all related and something more sinister?

So, off to the pediatrician.  Mattie seemed right as rain while we are there, with no unusual bowel sounds or symptoms. Thankfully, the doctor didn't act like I was a paranoid mom.  She wrote us a script for an abdominal X-ray to use if he doesn't improve within the next day. As Darren said "...after last April's surgery and 12 day hospital stay, we've earned the right to be a little paranoid when it comes to Matt's digestive tract." Glad the doctor agreed.

I really hope I am just being paranoid mom.

--Evening Update:  After he laid on the couch for all but an hour between the hours of 8am and 4pm, Matthew hopped up and was his usual self late afternoon and into the evening.  No better indication as to why he felt better as to why he felt poorly.  I am fine with it being a mystery (and me just being paranoid) if he continues to be Matthew like, and hopefully he will be!

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