Friday, July 11, 2014

Summer Road Trip Adventure

We just returned home from our summer road trip adventure on Wednesday, and I haven't yet recovered, but wanted to share some of the amazing highlights.

We drove 4360 miles over 24 days with 5 big destinations.  There were a few rocky moments, where it seemed completely ridiculous, but it was well worth it to see the people we love and have lots of fun! 

Destination 1:  Indianapolis
We love spending time with Aunt Debra and Uncle Evan. 
We put sand in the car early and often on the trip!
Destination 2: Sesame Place in Pennsylvania 

It seemed a bit crazy to take the 3 kids by myself, but couldn't resist visiting the Sesame Street theme park.  The kids did fantastic and we had tons of fun!

On Sesame Street!
Destination 3:  Cape Cod

I love to watch our 3 kids fall right into rhythm with their 3 friends. We feel so fortunate to have remained close to this fantastic family despite the distance and it is well worth the drive to spend days playing on the beach and evenings catching up!

The youngests

The middles
We wished we could have heard what they were talking about!

The eldests
Destination 4:  Sister Lakes, Michigan

Love spending the time with family (including Darren!) and hanging at the lake.  So fun!

Destination 5: Chicago

Quick trip to visit family, spend a few hours with Legos, and partake in some of our favorite Chicago eats.

Not a great photo, but kids were excited to take a picture with Harry Potter, since we had just listened to the audiobook.

Now, to finish unpacking and ready for the rest of the summer.  Only 45 more days until school starts again!

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