Thursday, July 17, 2014

Potty Training- Take 2

With Alyssa and Jackson, we used the 1-day potty party method with success.  Knowing that worked before, we tried that with Matthew last October-- but were extremely unsuccessful.  After our failed attempt at potty training, we took a long hiatus and regrouped.

Recently, Matthew has shown some interest in the potty and some recognition that he understands he's wet (he even brought me a diaper to change him) and his attention span is a bit longer, so I'm hopeful now is the time.  Not really surprising, as with most everything, we need a different approach with Matthew. Instead of all or nothing training, we've decided this time to take it slow with multiple step approach.

Starting this past Monday, we put him in pull ups (like diapers, but pull on and off like undies) and have him go periodically.  We bought a 'potty watch' that plays a little song every 30, 60, or 90 minutes and so far, so good.  Hopefully this first step will get him used to going on the potty.  It is less stressful (not worrying about our furniture getting wet!), but almost equally exhausting as our first attempt.  I'm encouraged so far.

In the future:  The second step is that we are going to build potty training into his school goals in the Fall.  That reinforcement will help.  The third step is the move toward big boy undies.  And the fourth will be total transition.  Not a fast process, but rarely anything is with Matthew.  We will be happy with success, however it comes!

Matthew wearing his potty watch.

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