Sunday, July 27, 2014

Normal or Normalized

Lately, I have noticed that life feels very 'normal'.  The kids play and fight.  We take road trips.  Darren and I get a babysitter for date night.  Housework gets done.  Darren works on the '66.  We go to the library, out to eat, the park, and the pool.  Just every day, normal stuff. 

I look around at other families with 3 kids and see similar lives-- mostly.  It makes me wonder if our life is 'normal' or have I just 'normalized' it.  Have the unusual bits-- like s-l-o-w-l-y potty training a 4 year old and going to 3 therapies a week-- just become so a part of our lives that we don't recognize the difference?  I think maybe it is like Matthew's sweet 4 fingered hands, as now I see kids Matthew's age with thumbs and it looks odd to me.  My mind normalized his unique little hands.

Either way-- normal or normalized-- it is a nice state to be in. It is a stark comparison to the way life felt just a few years ago.  Now, I no longer look around and wonder if we are in the Twilight Zone.  I guess it feels just like it should. 

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