Monday, July 21, 2014

Reality Is So Messy

When I was pregnant with Alyssa, I imagined that life with this new baby would be filled with sweet cuddles and peaceful walks.  Sure, there were those things... but reality was much messier.  In reality, some of those walks weren't so peaceful.  They were often necessitated by a screaming infant in need of a nap, and the only way she'd sleep was when she was moving, pushed along by a sleep deprived parent. Often the longest cuddles would be when she was sick, when the risk of being thrown up upon was pretty great.  Real life is so much messier than my imagination.

Same holds true for summer time.  I imagine conducting science experiments, having long talks about new topics, joyfully playing games, and quiet time spent reading.  Again, sure, there are those things, but reality is much messier than my imagination.  In between these fantastic moments are meltdowns, arguments, someone getting hurt or pouting (or all of the above).  Reality is so messy.

So, here are some of the great moments, but in between these there were some pretty messy ones too.

Our school library is open for limited hours during the summer.  We have loved riding our bikes up to the school, seeing some of our friends, and checking out books!

Alyssa and Jackson made their lunches the other day in the Easy Bake Oven.

One of our favorite summer finds is our neighborhood ice cream shop.  We love the ice cream, the bring one/leave one library, and all the toys to play with there! Matthew played for quite sometime with the Jenga blocks and the truck.

Look at Jackson's face and you'll see a bit of the messy reality! Last week we learned how CDs were made.  This week we are learning about mummies. 

Yippee for the great moments, boo for the messy ones.  Yes, I'm counting: 35 more days till school starts! 

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