Wednesday, July 11, 2012

3rd Annual WMBC Road Trip

2865 miles.  3 kids.  8 states.  15 days/14 nights.  We must be crazy!  But it was well worth it for the fun with friends and family!

Destination 1- Indianapolis, Indiana - 2 nights
Though I talk to my best friend several times a week, and we can share a glass of wine over Skype, it was fantastic to spend face time with her and her family!  Our older kids enjoyed the water park and the sprinkler, while the highlight for Matthew was chasing their cats and dogs.

Destination 2- Sister Lakes, MI- 8 nights
Spent a week enjoying Round Lake with extended family.  Food, fun, games, beverages, sun+water, sleep, shuffle, and repeat.  It was too fantastic! The food was amazing-- thanks to Uncle Jerry!  The games were too fun.  The sun and water was wonderful. Our hosts were warm and welcoming, as always, huge thanks to Uncle Gary and Aunt Peggy!   We had more fun than we would have if we had gone to Disneyland!  

Destination 3- Chicago, IL- 1 night
All too short visit with family, and a warm, comforting night in 'Grammy's room'.  Thanks to Aunti C and Uncle G for hosting our crazy crew while in their own remodel craziness!

Destination 4- Dyersville, IA- 2 hours
"If you build it, they will come." and we did!  We went to the site of the movie Field of Dreams.  We walked out of the corn field.  We watched a pick up game from the bleachers.  We took pictures.  Jackson kept calling it 'the field of the dreams'.

Coming out of the corn, to the field.

Destination 5- Cypress, TX- Home!
The trip was a resounding success. We had a great vacation!  And overall, the kids did really well being out of routine (and in the car) for that long.  We were most concerned about Matthew, since he is not a fan of being confined, but he did pretty well about 90% of the time.  We must really be crazy, as are already planning next year's We Must Be Crazy road trip!
Matthew loved helping Darren push the luggage cart!

Our 7 year old truck hit a huge milestone on this trip.
Matthew took a few naps, yelled a bit, babbled some, and looked at a few books to pass the time in the car.
Aly and Jax listened to audio books, colored, played the DS, and watched movies to pass the time in the car.

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