Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Happy 5th Birthday Jackson!

Happy 5th Birthday to our big boy, Jackson!  Today we spent a large amount of time in the car (more on that in an upcoming post), but he still had a great day choosing what movies he wanted to watch and what he wanted to do for dinner.  We will celebrate with the family and have his birthday experience later this weekend.  

Having a birthday dinner of pizza and a movie (Cars 2).
-has a great laugh, it comes from his toes and radiates through his body.
-loves physical comedy.  (think 3 Stooges)
-is a cuddle bug.  He loves to snuggle.
-favorite dinners include pasta with butter and pizza.
-is a huge Star Wars fan- particularly the Clone Wars cartoons and Return of the Jedi.
-is the Hoy House Angry Birds savant.  If I can't get to the next level, I hand the game to Jax.
-is a cautious kid, and after rough starts has taken to riding his bike (sans training wheels) and swimming (sans swim vest).

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