Saturday, July 21, 2012

All Inclusive Playground

There are a half dozen or so playgrounds throughout Houston that are considered all inclusive, also known as 'special needs friendly'.  Yesterday was my first exposure to one, and I was suitably impressed.  Though 30 minutes from the house, we will be frequent visitors!
It was a huge playground, with something for every one.  There were large ramps for wheelchairs, which Matthew thought were great, because he loves running up and down ramps. There were a few steps, and they were the perfect height for Matthew to go up and down on his own, while standing.  There was a slide with rollers, which made it an effortless slide, as well as lots of traditional slides.  There was a balancing beam and monkey bars.  There was a picnic table in the middle of the structure, that you could rock back and forth.  And there were tons of fun activities-- a periscope that worked, bells to ring, drums to beat, chimes to clank, cranks to push, mirrors to enjoy and a bridge to cross.  

It was perfect for all 3 kids.  After about 10 minutes there, Alyssa ran up to tell me 'this park is awesome!' and she was right.  They loved it.  Jackson tried out all of the activities, and particularly loved the periscope.  Alyssa enjoyed the balance beam and the hand cranks.  Matthew just ran everywhere and he was able to work on so many of the skills that we work on in therapy.  It was just ideal.  

It was designed for everyone:  a place where everyone-- special need or not-- could enjoy equally.  Delightful!  Perfectly designed for all!  I wish that life could always be like that for Matthew, and Alyssa and Jackson too.  Actually, I wish that for everyone everywhere!

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