Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Speech Update

Right before vacation, Matthew was evaluated by a speech pathologist.  His speech therapist and case worker are/were concerned that there might be something physiologically keeping Matthew from speaking.  They had never seen such a social child who had such strong receptive language not speak.  They felt that if Matthew could talk, he would. 

So, we had the speech pathologist come for an evaluation and Matthew was the chattiest he's ever been, before or since.  Her findings were that he was in the early stages of language development, to keep on doing what we are doing, and know that we will likely be spending a lot of time in speech therapy for articulation when he does talk because of his mouth/jaw structure.  She didn't see anything preventing him from speaking and really didn't offer anything more.

After vacation, Matthew had his developmental evaluation with his neurologist.  It was pretty much what we knew and expected-- he's strong in social skills, in cognition, and in receptive language, he's weaker in fine and gross motor, and very weak in expressive language.  At the end of the appointment, I got up the nerve to ask the big question-- Do you think he will talk?  I wasn't as prepared for his heart breaking answer as I should have been.  Paraphrasing--"In my experience, I think that Matthew may not end up having full verbal capabilities.  I would keep on pushing sign language and assistive technologies."

I knew this answer before he said it.  I've known it is a possibility that Matthew will not speak.  But I always remind myself as well that Matthew is 1 of 2 in the world-- no one can really tell us what he will or won't do.  The doctor may see a lot of cases and know more than I'll ever know, but I know Matthew and he isn't every case.  He defies the odds. 

So, we continue to pray Matthew speaks one day and we are still working diligently to set him up for it, but we are also following the neurologist's advice by pushing sign and technology to help him communicate as well.

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  1. Have any doctors or teachers offered advice on his thumbs or the hand surgery as it relates to signing? A pointer finger might be useful with touch screen technology and being cast long term after surgery would possibly affect signing communication. Hard decisions. You are doing great things for your lovely children!