Saturday, July 14, 2012

No Fear

Matthew thinks he can do everything his sister and brother can do. Not only is he tenacious, but he has no fear.  We've noticed this most in the water.  In the community swimming pool, he doesn't want to wear a vest or a swim floaty, but he wants to walk around the kiddie area with Alyssa and Jackson. He falls and becomes totally submerged. I pull him out, he coughs a second or two and then laughs, ready to do it again.  Going to the pool with Matthew is not a relaxing event.  I am always on alert and on edge with him. 

At the lake, it was pretty similar, but he was able to keep his footing a bit better and could walk a bit in the shallow water.  I was able to take a breath or two.  That was until the guys finished building the dock and Alyssa started jumping off the dock into the water. 

Alyssa jumping off the dock in MI

Anything you can do, I can do!

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