Thursday, September 6, 2012

Every Avenue

Matthew still isn't talking and as I have indicated, I am a step away from finding a witch doctor for some snake oil.  We took him to a developmental pediatrician last week.  We want to make sure we are exploring every avenue.  After 2 very lengthy appointments, we came out knowing about the same amount we knew before the appointments.  Matthew isn't talking and we don't really know why.  The developmental pediatrician wouldn't classify Matthew as pre-verbal, non-verbal or mute but really doesn't have a good diagnosis for him.  As we've known for some time, Matthew is really unique.  

Some highlights from the appointments:
-The doctor noted that most kids with severe communication delays like Matthew are typically on the autism spectrum. So, he did a developmental assessment to see if Matthew was on the spectrum.  As he said, not only is Matthew not on the spectrum, he isn't even close.  Matthew is a very social kid.
-Although we came away without a diagnosis, the doctor did have some recommendations we hadn't previously considered.  He recommends when Matthew turns 3 that we put Matthew in PPCD (preschool program for children with disabilities) in the morning, and in the afternoon send him to a regular preschool (with typically developing kids) for 5 days a week.  He also recommended adding private speech, OT, and PT once we transition to the school district (which we were already planning).
-The doctor decided against imagining Matthew's brain, primarily for 2 reasons.  First, finding out that the speech delay is due to a brain abnormality would only be for academic purposes, as it wouldn't change what we were doing.  Second, he agrees with our policy to avoid anesthesia unless truly medically necessary.  Though, if Matthew still isn't talking in a year, I might push for the imagining.
-I am glad we made the appointment and went, as we have some new ideas and will be able to use his notes as documentation if needed when we transition to the school district.

Matthew loves being upside down.

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