Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hodge Podge

Here's a hodge podge of miscellaneous stuff that has been milling around in my brain, but hasn't yet made it onto the blog.

-We had a nice 2.5 weeks of school with Jackson, and now he's back to dreading school every morning.  It was a delightful 2.5 weeks. I still don't understand why he dreads it.  When I pick him up, every day he has good things to say about his day.

-Alyssa picked up right where she left off last year.  She still loves school. She's even happier this year because they spend more time on math, and she loves math.

-I haven't quite gotten in the groove with our new school schedule.  I am falling into bed exhausted every night.  That is good, right?

-I started taking an ASL class at a church in Houston this past Monday.  It is a good chance to learn and practice so I can bring home more signs for Matthew.  I am still in the Family Signs program that meets once a week online too.  The more sign we can learn and pass on to Matthew the better!

-Matthew has been communicating more and more, with sign, gesture and sound.  He has finally added some sounds back.  I feel like he is about the same place he was when he turned 2, before he started to walk and lost all of his sounds.  I am not convinced yet that he connects the sound with meaning (does 'mama' mean me?) but I am happy to hear him use the sounds again.  As well, he has gotten very animated about signing and gesturing.  He will sign a full sentence- he'll point to me, use the 'up' sign, and then the 'please' sign to say 'mommy pick me up, please' or he'll tug on my shirt, point to the door, and pat his leg to say 'mommy, the dog is out in the garage.'  It is good forward progress! 

-The compression stockings weren't improving Matthew's feet swelling, so we have discontinued their usage.  Not sure what the next step is for this particular issue, but for now, I'm not overly concerned since it isn't vascular related.

-Last weekend, we had a nice time in Dallas visiting with friends and family.  We remarked on the way home how very normal the weekend felt--that we were just a typical family with 3 kids, one of whom is 2.  For that, we are very thankful! 

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