Thursday, September 27, 2012

Unintended Funny

Jackson likes to make people laugh, but lately we've laughed a few times that he didn't intend to be funny.

This weekend, Darren was commenting on something on the radio while Jackson was in the next room.  Darren says "duh" and continues on with his comment.  A minute later from the other room, we hear Jackson say "duh".  We went in to explain to him that we really shouldn't say 'duh', that it is not a nice word.  Jackson responds to Darren "don't say 'duh' again.  I'll just copy you."  Truer words never spoken. 

Yesterday as I was picking up Jackson at school, I asked him if he was on green all day. He responded "No. I was on yellow for part of the day, but I made it back to green by the end." Quizzing him on why he was on yellow, Jackson said "I was just jacking around."  Jackson didn't understand why I found humor in his words.
A Jackson self portrait.

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