Tuesday, September 18, 2012

On Red

I should have been prepared for this eventuality, but I wasn't.  I had hoped I just wouldn't need to know what to do when one of my children brought home a note from the teacher saying that said child had been naughty.  Not that we haven't had/don't have naughty behavior in the house, oh we have plenty, but it is just usually not at school.  We did have a time when Alyssa was almost 2 when she was biting her classmates at daycare, but since then, it has been pretty quiet in the Hoy house-- until today.  

It was the first thing Jackson told me today when I picked him up from school.  "I was on red today and there is a note in my folder."  I tried to get the story from him but he was a little vague, saying that someone called him a name and he got mad, though the note from the teacher said he wasn't listening today.  Either way, he didn't follow the rules and he got a note sent home.  Not good.  

So, without the forethought to decide on suitable punishment for this eventuality,  I had to decide punishment on the fly, though I'm not sure I would have done much differently if I had pre-planned.  No screen time.  An apology note to the teacher.  An in-person apology tomorrow.  And if that is not enough, though I hope this is the only time to receive such a note, I suspect I will have the opportunity to try again.

Jackson writing his apology. 

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