Thursday, September 13, 2012

Scenes from the Day

Lately, our days have felt a bit hectic.  At first I thought it was because I hadn't adjusted to my new teaching schedule, but I only teach on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays.  So that doesn't account for Tuesdays and Thursdays, which feel just as crazy.  After noting how this past Tuesday unfolded (and this was a rare day without doctors' appointments or therapy), I think I know one major reason why.  He's about 3 feet tall, is full of energy, and is every where!  

We hid the step stools, so Matthew found something to use instead. From his new vantage point, he can reach on the counter and pull down whatever might be on the counter which we thought was out of his reach.  He likes to throw everything into the sink-- keys, sunglasses, papers, toys.  He figured out how to open the dryer door, so I found a pair of running shorts, a spoon, and a yoda pez dispenser in there before I put in my clean laundry. Then he opened the door a few times while the clean laundry was drying and clothes fell out on the floor, but I wised up and shut him out of the laundry room.  He 'helped' me fold clothes by unfolding the clothes and throwing them back into the basket.  At first, I didn't catch him doing it, and thought I was starting to lose my mind as the basket never got lower, but he let me in on the secret.  He kept emphatically pulling at my shirt and pointing to the garage, when I finally gave in, he walked over to the broom and brought it into the house. I guess it was time to sweep.  Several times through the day, he found my tennis shoes and threw them at my feet.  He wouldn't stop fussing until I put them on.  Obviously, I needed to be wearing my shoes.  He climbed on the stool near the kitchen and flicked on and off the light, time and time again.  When he tired of the light, he pushed the stool about 5 feet away and sat down on it.  I guess he was ready for a new perspective.  But that wasn't enough of a perspective change, because later he sat on the dog.  Never Boring! 

And this was all before the mid-day nap! After nap, we jumped in the car to be the first in car line to pick up Jackson so we could rush home and jump in the bike trailer so we could meet Alyssa as she got out of school.  We made popcorn for snack and then baked mini-doughnuts for a special lunchbox treat.   After a few minutes of play (pretending we were camping in space), we bathed, ate dinner, read books and went to bed so we could do it all over again (with a few schedule changes) tomorrow.  Whew!

Mattie on his make shift stool (a small cooler).

Matthew 'helping' with the laundry.

Matthew's new perspective.

After the adventures of the day, we go get Jackson in the car and Alyssa in the bike trailer.

We love meeting Alyssa after school.

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