Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Holiday Weekend

I guess the sign of a good holiday is when you feel the need for a vacation afterwards. We went to Austin for the weekend and had a delightful time. Though we went primarily because that was where Lego Kidfest was being held, the good time we spent with friends and the time spent looking at the beautiful scenery reminded us of all the reasons we love Austin.  

Besides having a great time catching up with friends we don't see nearly often enough, we had a good time at the Lego Kidsfest.  Alyssa and Jackson had a blast building stuff, looking at museum of Lego art, and watching the Lego movie shorts.  I think they were on the young end of the target audience, as I think the optimal age would be around 8-10 years old, and that means that Matthew was way out of range.  Matthew was unimpressed with the event after the first few minutes, though he pulled it together enough for us to enjoy most of the morning there.  

In the Lego Gallery, with the baby rhino.
Matthew was more interested in being social than the Legos.

We enjoyed the Lego scenes.

Alyssa is such a girly-girl (much to my dismay). 
She really likes the new girl focused 'friends' Legos.

Both Alyssa and Jackson loved all the Star Wars Legos.

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