Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween

We had a great time tonight as the Star Wars family, trick or treating and then handing out candy. I was afraid that last year was my last year to theme the kids, but alas, I not only got another year but I also conned Darren into participating.  He thinks it was just by me buying him a Darth Vadar t-shirt, but I think it was that my Jedi mind trick worked!  Happy Halloween!

Alyssa as Queen Amidala, Jackson as Darth Maul, and Matthew as Yoda.
Darth Vadar vs Yoda (who didn't want to keep his ears on).

The queen ready to trick or treat.

Darth Maul ready to scare up some candy.
Yoda and Darth Vadar ready for some Halloween fun.

We hit one street, were done trick or treating, and ready to pass out candy at our house.

Looking through the loot. 
Matthew's favorite was a rice cripie treat.
Alyssa's was a blow pop. 
And Jackson's was anything chocolate.

Every year, Alyssa and Jackson have as much fun passing out candy as trick or treating.
I think it is because they get to see more people dressed up that way.

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