Monday, October 15, 2012

Saturday Night

Alyssa went to her first slumber party on Saturday night.  7 girls, lots of fun, and from what I could tell, not much slumber.  We all paid the high price on Sunday.  She was tired, cranky, and it was just an ugly day.  The price we pay for fun!  Thankfully she seemed much better this morning, even though we had to wake her up for school. 

Before the slumber party.

After the slumber party.
To keep Jackson from feeling too left out, Darren and Jackson had a campfire with smores and beer ("root" for Jackson, "adult" for Daddy).  The big boys had a nice evening too, and also stayed up a little too late.  Jackson weathered it better on Sunday than Alyssa did. Thank goodness- the day was ugly enough as it was! 
The big boys backyard campfire.

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