Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Please Talk

Several times a day, I pray 'please let Matthew talk!' and I plead with Matthew 'please talk'.

Why I think Matthew will talk:  He has so much to say.  He is a social kid. He knows words have meaning.  He communicates with sign.  He has started to vary his sounds and noises- mamama, dadada, bababa, ahhhhh. He babbles.  He uses jargon- meaning that if you ask him a question, he will answer you verbally even though it is nonsensical.  He has figured everything else out to this point-- crawling, walking, running, climbing, eating, and so on.  The switch just needs to be flipped.  Several friends have children that didn't talk until they were 3.  No one can say he won't talk. 

Why I fear Matthew won't talk:  He isn't talking-yet.  The kids we know who didn't talk until they were 3 were on the autism spectrum, which Matthew isn't.  There are kids with similar duplications on the fourth chromosome that don't talk.  No one can tell us he will talk.  Until Matthew does something, we don't know if he'll ever do it.

So, we keep working on it.  And until he does, I keep going to my ASL classes, praying that he'll one day talk and joking that he probably will a day after I become fluent in sign language.  Please, God, let Matthew talk.
Matthew dancing with Granny at the vow renewal.

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  1. Elizabeth was three before she was talking. She is not on the autism spectrum. Her only learning issue is dyslexia. Keep strong. His words will come.