Tuesday, October 9, 2012

State Fair

This weekend was our first family outing to the Texas state fair, which is held in Dallas.  The weather was a little cooler than we are used to, in the lower 50s, but the rain held off and it was a delightful day and experience!  And as an added bonus, we spent the night at Uncle Bryan's house!  (Thank you, Uncle Bryan!)

Bundled up for the tram ride.

Jackson still loves tractors

This was one of the cutest things at the fair--
On the 'farm' the kids were given chores like watering the trees, planting the veggies & milking the cow.
All 3 kids loved it.

Alyssa and Big Tex.

This was in front of the fun house that Alyssa and Jackson enjoyed.

This was Aly and Jax favorite ride.
On the race track, the car gets slung around the turns.

Even Matthew was able to ride a ride by himself.
We all had tons of fun!

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