Tuesday, October 16, 2012


At Matthew's last speech therapy appointment, he saw a cow and tried to say the word "moo".  He hasn't yet figured out that he needs to open his mouth all the way, so it is a bit garbled, but it is a 'moo' nevertheless!  Words are coming, albeit very slowly. 

And lately, Matthew has been saying 'mama' tons.  But I have been seriously doubting he is saying it about or to me.  He just doesn't seem to be looking at me when he says it-- until today!  We were on the couch and he was not only staying still (which is unusual) but he was cuddled up next to me (even more unusual), so I wanted to capture the moment. I pulled out my itouch to take the picture, and when Matthew saw us come up on the screen, he clearly said 'mama'!  So, I captured the next time on video.  It might be wishful thinking, that I've wanted this for so very long, but he seems to have said 'mama' to me!  It made my day, week, month, maybe even year!

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  1. I keep watching this over and over again, and I cry every time. :) :) :)