Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fever- Yuck!

I had just said 'nothing keeps him down' but I should have said 'nothing keeps him down for long'!  Tuesday, Mattie started laying on the floor with the dog-- his tell that he's sick.  He wasn't really running a fever though, so we sent him to school on Wednesday.  And 5 minutes before my class was about to start, we got the call that he was running a 103.5 fever and we needed to come get him.  Thankfully Darren was able to work from home that afternoon while I taught class and he was able to get Matthew an appointment with the after hours pediatrician. 

I thought it might be the flu, since it is going around, and knew we were fighting the clock to get him on an antiviral.  His fever had waned when we got to the doctor's office because of the meds we had given him, and the exam netted nothing.  Ears and throat looked good.  Lungs sounded clear.  Flu test came back negative.  CBC looked fine.  But by the time we were packing up to come home, his fever spiked to 104.9.  Doctor thought it might be pneumonia because of his fever spikes after his croupy weekend, but it didn't really seem like it from the exam.  She sent a note to our regular pediatrician with her suspicions, gave Mattie some Tylenol and sent us home.

When Matthew and I got home, Darren took off for the urgent care center to be treated for a case of hives that had taken over his entire body.  No clue why they came on.  Thankfully after a steroid shot, the hives have lessened. 

Matthew woke up this morning seemingly right as rain.  The pediatrician called to check on him and I said all seemed well.  Then came lunch and Matthew's fever spiked again.  I called the pediatrician back, who asked us to get a chest x-ray to rule out pneumonia before an appointment with him this afternoon.  Chest x-ray was clear, and the pediatrician's exam netted about the same result as last night-- ears looked good, lungs sounded clear, but throat was now a little irritated. He ran a strep test, not thinking it would come back positive as it wasn't the usual presentation, but it did.  Strep throat. Though I wish Mattie wasn't sick, I was happy for the very typical childhood illness, which can be treated with medication.  

Matthew was still running a fever tonight, but he got a dose of antibiotic, a dose of probiotic and a dose of Tyenol before bed.  Hopefully he will be all better in the morning, and into the day!  Never boring!

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