Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Florida Trip- Legoland

Our inital plan was to go to Legoland for 1 day and Universal Studios for 2 days, but after 6 fun filled exhausting days at Disney parks, we decided to forgo Universal for this trip and extend our fun at Legoland.  It was perfect. 

We loved Legoland and over 2 days, we were able to experience everything we wanted at a slower pace.  Our first day at Legoland, there were very few people there.  We never waited in lines.  The 2nd day was a bit busier, but the longest wait was 5 minutes.  Definitely a contrast to our Magic Kingdom craziness the week before, where there was a 2+ hour wait for most of the attractions. 

After 6 days of a demure Jackson, it was a surprise to see him giddy.  My favorite quote was him doing a little hop/dance saying "Legos, Legos, Legos everywhere!"  And Alyssa was excited because she got to ride roller coaster after roller coaster.  It was great!

The kids trapped in the Duplo Tiger cage.

Alyssa and Matthew with 'Olivia' from the Friend's Legos.

Meeting characters, no wait!

Jackson pushing the button to activate the volcano at the Lego Mirage on the Vegas strip.

Alyssa in Lego Times Square with the 2013 ball.
The Lego scenes were amazing!

Alyssa laughs the entire time she is on the roller coaster.

Lego cars!

All 3 kids liked pushing the buttons which activated something in the Lego scene.

The carousel was Matthew's favorite at Legoland too.

Matthew loved this tractor and was quite put out that there wasn't room for him to ride too.
Jackson and Alyssa driving the Lego cars at the Ford driving school.

More characters to meet!

Matthew rode the carousel half a dozen times, it wasn't enough for him.

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