Sunday, January 13, 2013

Florida Trip- Alyssa's Bday Experience

When we first talked about Alyssa's birthday experience for her 7th birthday, she said she wanted to go to a ceramics place to paint.  Though I thought that would be lots of fun with Alyssa, it sounded like a very bad idea for the whole family (Matthew + room full of breakables = bad idea).  Thankfully she changed her mind before her birthday.  Instead, she wanted to go build a bear which is something we could all do as a family.
We had planned on doing Alyssa's birthday experience on her birthday, but Jackson had the flu that day, so we postponed it until our trip to Florida.  It was our first time to Build-A-Bear, and Alyssa (and Jackson) loved it.  
Alyssa and Jackson picked their bears and stuffed them.

They do a cute ceremony with the heart that they sew into the bear.
This was Alyssa and Jackson making a wish with their hearts.

The finished product.

Aunt Jeannie and Alyssa with her bear in the box.
This was Matthew's favorite part of the event--running through the mall.

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