Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Florida Trip- Disney World

After spending a few nights with Aunt Jeannie and then a few nights with our friends near West Palm Beach, we went up to Disney on New Year's Eve to begin our celebration.  Our 6 days at the Disney parks were fun-filled and exhausting.  We started with Hollywood Studios on New Years Eve, Animal Kingdom on New Years Day, and then Magic Kingdom on the 2nd of January.  The only day/park that was crazy busy was Magic Kingdom, so much so that after lunch we called it a day and went back to the resort to swim.  After that, the crowds began to die down, our friends had joined us, and we had a delightful time at Epcot, Hollywood Studios, and Magic Kingdom together. 

Before we had left for this trip, Alyssa had whispered in my ear that she knew that the characters weren't real.  So, I figured that she would be a bit more jaded than her last visit to WDW (when she was 3.5 years old).  But Alyssa was still giddy with excitement to see the characters.  She enjoyed the parades as much this trip as last trip.  And with age, additionally she got to enjoy the rides, and the roller coasters this time! 

Alyssa waving to the characters in the parade.

Jackson was demure for most of the visit to Disney. His giddiness came through at Legoland (more in a future post).  At Disney, he was most excited to be able to go swimming in the Finding Nemo pool. 

This is one of my favorite pictures.
We often call Jackson 'Eyore'. 
A few weeks before the trip, I began to question my wisdom in planning this trip for a very mobile, very active Matthew.  I stressed on how to contain him.  We took the sit and stand stroller, and the majority of the time, he wanted to push it (and Jackson always wanted to ride).  Matthew would throw a fit when he had to stop pushing so that we could go into a show or a ride.  He didn't realize that we were going to go do something fun.  He did enjoy the show or the ride, but was always ready to go back to the stroller and push.  Besides pushing the stroller, he LOVED the characters.  Upon meeting one, he would give them a hug, turn for his photo, and then go back to give another hug until we pulled him off so that the character could move on.   
A hug from Pooh.

Matthew on Its a Small World ride.

A few more of my favorite Disney images--
Our first entry to the resort. 
Our first time meeting Mickey!

Lightening was right outside of our building.
We loved staying in Radiator Springs!

Alyssa and Jackson's first roller coaster, Big Thunder Mountain Railroad. 
Alyssa said it was "awesome". Jackson said it was "a little scawy".

Matthew meeting Chef Mickey.
They could give each other a true high 4!

Matthew has to get a hug.

The kids with Minnie.

A few days we went back to the room so Matt could nap,
but a few others we pushed him to the brink. 

Listening for our Agent P clues at Epcot.
Good concept that didn't work out that well for us.

The girls met almost all the princesses.
Alyssa was most excited to meet Ariel this trip.

Alyssa was also really giddy when she saw Princess Tiana from Princess and the Frog.

Matthew and Jackson got the quintessential Mickey balloons.
Alyssa chose popcorn instead. 
The balloons were still inflated 9 days later!

A rare instance when Matthew was actually sitting in the stroller.

Alyssa waving to Lotso at the parade at Hollywood Studios.

Alyssa and Jackson enjoying the afternoon snack of ice cream.

The carousel was Matthew's favorite ride.

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