Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Nothing Keeps Him Down

Matthew's croup threw a bit of a wrench in our holiday weekend plans.  We were planning to make a lengthier, kid-less trip to Austin but instead made a shorter, kids-included trip.  Though we weren't able to catch up with friends (trying to spare everyone the croupy illness), the trip was good.  We were able to nail down an apartment for Darren to live until the conclusion of the school year (or we find a house in Austin) and we begun our search for neighborhoods for said house. 

We first visited my favorite location of my favorite BBQ place-- Rudy's on 360. Besides great BBQ, they have a nice outdoor area with tables and room to run. 

Then, we finalized apartment plans.  We were reminded of the beauty of Austin.  This was taken from the apartment lobby.

Finally, we stopped for dinner on the way home and Matthew showed us that even 36 hours after being released from the ER, nothing slows him down.

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