Friday, January 18, 2013

PPCD Evaluation

Yesterday, Matthew had his PPCD (preschool program for children with disabilities) evaluation at the public school. I enjoyed watching him show off the skills we have worked so hard on in therapy. He did puzzles, some scribbling, jumped up and down, and even tried to babble some (among other things). 

Although he lags behind his peers, Matthew has made amazing progress. He is just a touch delayed in gross motor. He is close enough that he doesn't qualify for PT through school. Matthew has a bit more delay in fine motor, but given his lack of thumbs, he is very close. He does qualify for OT, barely. Receptive language, cognition and social skills were close to on target for age group. In the evaluation, they asked what I was most concerned about Matthew's development. Easy answer- verbal language. This is the area he is most delayed, so without a doubt, he does qualify for speech therapy. 

No big surprises at the evaluation. We just await the next meeting where we talk specifics about the services for which he qualifies. Team Matthew is about to undergo major changes!

We have been reminded many times of late how very lucky we have been and how very far Matthew has come. Many times at Disney, we remarked that if the biggest problem was that Matthew got put out because he couldn't push the stroller, then we really didn't have problems.  And when we were filling out the paperwork for the school district evaluation, we did a happy dance when completing the 'medications' field with 'NONE'. Indeed, we are very lucky and he has come so very far. 

We sometimes get bogged down in the things that Matthew struggles with, but in the grand scheme of things, we know life could be much more complex. We are very, very thankful for where we are today.

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