Friday, July 12, 2013

Big Boy Bed

Alyssa and Jackson were moved to toddler beds from their cribs when they starting climbing out of the crib.  We kept waiting for that sign from Matthew that it was time to move him from the crib, but he was perfectly content to stay within the confines of those 4 slated walls. 

So, we decided we'd make the leap when we moved but then the movers reassembled the crib.  It was just easier to keep him in it for those 10 days before the trip. 

Then, we went on our road trip with only his toddler cot.  He fell out of it a few times, but overall did great in the cot (and in the bed with me sometimes).  So, Darren disassembled the crib while we were gone and since arriving home, Matthew has transitioned fully to the big boy bed.  So far, 4 nights and 3 naps into the transition, and Matthew is doing great!  

The last bastions of babyhood are leaving the Hoy House-- no stroller on the summer road trip, no pack n play, no crib.  Diapers are next! 

Napping in his big boy bed.

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