Thursday, July 11, 2013

Summer Adventure

Last year, when I envisioned taking this year's summer road trip, 3 kids and 4700 miles, I knew it sounded a little nutty. After Darren took a new job with less vacation time, it seemed even crazier, as I would be doing it solo.  And finally, as the trip got closer, it seemed like I had lost my mind, as Matthew would often freak out on the short ride to the grocery store.  But Alyssa, Jackson, Matthew and I went on our summer road trip adventure anyway.

It was amazing!  The kids were great. 

Driving, we had a few rocky moments here and there, but overall, they were often better behaved in the car than they were out of it.  They powered through too, going 4 or 5 hours between breaks.  And they did it without the aid of dvds, as they often get carsick with them.  We listened to audiobooks.  They colored.  They napped.  They played with their bag of toys.  They enjoyed seeing the US through their window.  82 driving hours over 22 days. 

On the other end of the drive, there were people we love and fun to be had!  (More posts to follow.)

I would definitely do it again!

At one of our many stops.

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