Friday, July 19, 2013

Interesting Medical Developments

I used to follow health/medical news with a passing interest until Matthew was born.  Since then, I follow it religiously.  I don't exactly know what I expect to find that relates to Matthew's one of a kind chromosome duplication, but I keep watching, reading, and listening-- just in case.  Maybe something develops in the medical community that will keep his heart healthy, his kidney perfect, or keep him from developing more adhesions in his belly.  While I await that type of news, there have been 2 recent, very interesting medical developments that may relate to Matthew.

1. Medical researchers were able to 3-D print an ear, that works and grows!  Matthew has microtia of his right ear (meaning it is little). We wouldn't consider surgery for it, as it is extensive right now.  But this 3-D printed ear gives possible hope for kids with microtia.  You can read about it here

2.  In a lab, medical researchers have been able to 'turn off' the extra chromosome that causes the symptoms of Down Syndrome.  Wow.  I can't even image what this would mean for all of the kids with trisomies (3 copies of chromosomes), like Matthew (who has partial trisomy of chromosome 4). You can read about it here.  

What interesting developments! 

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